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Are You Ready For Your Wedding Day?

Have you been dreaming of your wedding day? For some brides, dreams are ever flowing. From the dress and the venue, to the first dance and sparkling exit, your wedding day will be a busy one filled with dreams come true. There will be check lists and timelines leading you each step of the way and when the big day is over your life together as one begins. After the whirls of laughter and the happy tears, the celebration will come to an end and at the end of the day it will be just you and him...

If you can think of all of these dreams and smile, you are in a great place. If you are a little stressed, you are positioned to be amazed. As a bride, your heart will move through many emotions as the big day approaches. For some there will be complete bliss, for others there will be stress, and for many there will be obstacles to overcome. When it is crunch time, your wedding coordinator is there to make your wedding day the best day it can be. Her organization, assistance, and her unbiased voice will guide you to a victorious finish.

Each bride has her own style and areas of focus, but at the core of every bride is her heart. When your heart and mind have been equipped for this journey, the process becomes a more meaningful experience. As a bride, you are not just planning for one big day, you are preparing for all the days that follow the moment you say “I do.” You are setting goals for your first year of marriage, your finances, your family, your dreams and the adventures you will embark on as husband and wife.

Have you set goals and expectations as a couple for your future?

Are you speaking with someone as a couple who you can be vulnerable with about your expectations for marriage?

How do you feel when you think about the next year ahead of you?

As we begin the planning process, it is important to have the end in mind. To know the direction you are aiming for so that you can intentionally make choices to keep you and your husband moving in the right direction. To understand that you are planning for one of the most memorable days of your life, but twenty-four hours later there will be a lifetime to live together. Treasure one another and value each other’s dreams. Create time to discuss what you each expect life to look like together.

Take these steps to help you prepare!

  • Make it fun

  • Write your dreams down

  • Talk about what supporting your dreams would look like on a day to day basis

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