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Planning with Pinterest

There are endless possibilities to what can be created for any event. Inspiration for decor, dresses, cakes, and photos are available in various forms. From trade shows and bridal magazines to Instagram and Facebook, resources for all of your wedding wishes are at your fingertips. All of these resources can help fuel wedding creativity, but we want to share with you our favorite planning resource. When approaching your style, organizing ideas and creating a vision for your wedding day, Pinterest is our favorite tool at Ehardt Events to bring all of the details together!

1. Wedding Style

When you are looking for the right dress or invitation, how do you find your style in the sea of possibilities? Collecting images for your wedding wishes is one top reasons to use Pinterest. Your dream decor may look beautiful in your mind, but in order for your planner to get a clear idea of your vision, a visual is key. One of the most powerful ways to communicate what is in your heart is through visualization. When you select a Pin that you want to view on Pinterest, beneath that selected Pin are many similar options. This feature can help you refine the style you would like to create down to every last detail and then save it so or share it with others.

2. Organization of Ideas

A great organizational feature on Pinterest is the option to create specific boards that will categorize your pins. You can create as few or as many boards necessary to keep your Pins organized. They may include; bridal hair, centerpieces or favor ideas. These boards will aid in you in making your ideas become reality. If you are hiring a wedding coordinator or decorator your Pinterest boards will be gold to them in their planning process. Your organization of ideas will also help you to narrow down the to-do list as your big day approaches.

3. Clarity for Wedding Wishes

Creating clarity for yourself and others is one of the greatest ways to put yourself at ease. Anther great feature of Pinterest is that once you have narrowed your ideas down to your favorites, you can shop, compare and reference what you have pinned. Sometimes without a photo, our memory may not serve us correctly and there is double the amount of work involved. Many Pins include links for how-to’s or websites where an order of the item may be placed. Pinterest’s visual clarity will keep you on track throughout all of your wedding planning!

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