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Spring Gifting

At Ehardt Events we love giving gifts! Gifting is one of the ways we use to express ourselves as well as show others around us how much we value them. Our spring gift guide will bring both style and value to the gifts you send out this spring season. The collection of items is inspired by gifts we have given to others as well as ones we have received ourselves.

Kendra Scott

These one of kind pieces are one of our favorite gifts to share with friends. This jewelry can be dressed up or down depending on your style and the stone colors can be customized using Kendra Scott's color bar. Designs range from traditional to modern in appearance. This is the perfect gift for a bride to help her accessorize for her various appearances approaching her big day. It can also be used as gifts for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride or groom.


Beauty Counter

These bags are very versatile! Whether being used as an emergency kit for the wedding day or a makeup bag for the bride, each size provides different options for all the brides’ essentials. The white color also makes it a bit more special as a gift for her wedding day.


Essie polish is a great non-toxic nail color that can make any bridal event more colorful. Their pallet has a wide variety of colors that will coordinate with any outfit! Check out Essie’s website for more color ideas to match your event!

Love Beauty & Planet

If you want safe products for your hair and the environment that performs, this is this shampoo and conditioner hair set for you. The products are vegan, safe for colored hair, and contain no silicones, parabens, or dyes. Check out their website for this set and other amazing products.

Chuao Chocolatier Honeycomb Dark Chocolate Bar

This unique chocolate bar comes with an even sweeter twist! The Honeycomb bar is filled with crunchy bites of caramelized honey surrounded by dark chocolate. This brand has many more flavors to choose from with the cutest packaging. They are a great treat to share!

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