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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and it is especially important during this time of year to double check the weather for your event date. One of the biggest items coordinators and brides can overlook is weather conditions. Depending on what season you are in, outdoor events can be somewhat of a challenge. Spring weather can usher in unanticipated wind, rain, and hail, while sunny summers can be difficult in uncovered areas.

Here are some weather reminders for your big day:

1. Make sure your venues have a backup location if you are planning to be outdoors. If unavailable choose an optional venue that is spacious and can accommodate your guests.

2. Create a design plan that can be flexible in inclement weather.

3. If you are renting a tent, double check to see if side panels are available. Some panels come with windows and will create a more open feel for your event.

4. Check the weather a week in advance.

- If it looks like rain or unanticipated cooler weather prepare an online cart of items that will assure you are covered. You may want to include parkas, umbrellas, and rain boots for your bridesmaids.

- If it is sunny at the ceremony, collect sunscreen, coolers, ice and bottled water. You might also consider folding fans, UV protected umbrellas or parasol for your guests. Even in a short ceremony direct sunlight can be difficult for children, those pregnant and the elderly.

Ehardt Events Recommendations:

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